“Trading Places”: Old Hollywood Aesthetic Takes on New Wall Street

Trading Places (1983) is often called a throwback to the screwball comedies of early Hollywood, but the characters stayed just this side of cartoonish, and in doing so helped create a unique cinematic view of Wall Street. Legendary director John Landis pushed through his lead casting choices of Dan Ackroyd (whose career was floundering) and Eddie Murphy (then virtually unknown) over the protestations of the studios and casting agents. They were inspired choices as Ackroyd’s trademark rigidity accentuated his fall and Murphy’s glowing charisma contrasted with the staid boardrooms. Business Insider looks back on what they call the greatest Wall Street film ever made.

It’s The 30-Year Anniversary Of The Greatest Wall Street Movie Ever Made: Here’s The Story Behind It

BusinessInsider.com, 6.27.13