Everything Happened to the 1993 Houston Oilers

Near the end of their time in Houston the Oilers went on a memorable run, making the playoffs seven straight years on the backs of future Hall of Famers Warren Moon, Bruce Matthews and Mike Munchak. The ’93 season came on the heels of literally the worst collapse in NFL playoff history, as backup Frank Reich led the talented Bills back from a 35-3 third-quarter deficit to stun the Oilers. When they started the next season 1-4, owner Bud Adams threatened to blow up the team. Moon was benched. And then the team came together and finished the regular season on a 9-2 run, overcoming a defensive tackle’s stunning suicide and “Babygate,” when guard David Williams failed to make a Sunday game after his first child was born on Saturday. And that’s not all! Notorious defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan helped his team close out the regular season by punching offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride during a game. What a year! The Houston Chronicle recaps the insanity.

‘Oh my God:’ The oral history of the 1993 Houston Oilers

HoustonChronicle.com, 12.26.13