The Birth and Glory Days of “Deadspin”

Will Leitch founded sports blog Deadspin in 2005 and helped fashion a popular outsider perspective that covered stories mainstream media wouldn’t. From uncovering Michael Vick’s alias “Ron Mexico” in salacious court documents, to breaking the Brett Favre penis pics and Manti Te’o’s imaginary dead girlfriend, Deadspin made a name for themselves. Leitch left the site in 2008 and installed the notorious A.J. Daulerio as his successor. Daulerio backburned sports coverage for TMZ-like stories in the sports world at large, including an obsession with exposing the foibles of ESPN personalities. Daulerio was shuttled off to Gawker in 2011 and the site settled into its mature (read: meh) form of today. AdWeek provides some interesting behind-the-scenes anecdotes about the creation and evolution of a true internet success story.

Deadspin: An Oral History, 1.28.13