“Jawbreaker”: The Darkest Teen Movie?

1999’s Jawbreaker was the spiritual successor to Heathers and other “dark” teen dramedies, but it reveled in its subversiveness to a degree unseen in other films of the genre. Originally rated a NC-17, the film centers around the typical high school girl clique, except they accidentally murder one of their friends with a jawbreaker candy in a prank gone wrong. Things do not get better from there. The movie stars Rose McGowan, Rebecca Gayheart, Julie Benz and a young Julie Greer, and the high-style costuming and no-fucks dialogue has earned it cult status among a certain type of nasty girl. Broadly mines the depths.

‘Perverting the Youth of America’: The Oral History of Teen Classic ‘Jawbreaker’

Broadly.com, 8.14.16