“Project Runway”: The Fashion Process Captivates

fashionIn 2004 reality TV was still in its adolescent stage, with shows like Survivor and Fear Factor leading the way. Bravo’s Project Runway was decidedly different, a behind-the-scenes look at fashion design thru the lens of a competition between 10 aspiring designers. Heidi Klum and Michael Kors provided the star power (to be joined later by breakout star Tim Gunn), but it was the tone and maturity of the show that led viewers to believe in the “reality.” The Hollywood Reporter gathers the principals for a 10th-anniversary retrospective of a truly unique show in the history of television.

‘Fashion Is Not for Sissies’: An Oral History of ‘Project Runway’s’ First 10 Years

TheHollywoodReporter.com, 8.16.12