Bob Marley Gets Shot at Tuff Gong

Although reggae is now associated with blissed-out stoners it began as liberation music for the Jamaican oppressed. Bob Marley railed against the social and political elite that he associated with racism and greed. He planned a non-political “national unity” concert on the eve of 1976 national elections, but the ruling party, which he supported, framed it in their favor. Marley had also recently started dating a white girl and his opponents decided to send him a message. While recording a version of his famous song “Who Shot the Sheriff?” two carloads of gunman pulled into the Tuff Gong compound and raided the mansion, filling it with bullet holes and wounding Marley and his manager, Don Taylor. Rolling Stone provides an interesting excerpt recounting the shooting from an upcoming book about Marley.

The Night Bob Marley Got Shot, 7.7.17