A Baby Delivered on a Sled During A Philly Snowstorm

Shirley Kim Bonnani’s first child took 20 hours of labor before being born. When she woke up to contractions on a frigid January night in the middle of a snowstorm, she thought she had time before her second arrived. She did not. After a shower she was unable to make it to the car in their hilly neighborhood, so her husband plopped her on a sled he had presciently bought the day before. They didn’t make it before the baby decided it was coming out hell or highwater. The mother’s labor screams woke neighbors who came out to help, meeting the Bonnanis for the first time in the process. The father delivered the baby with no instruction, then broke the umbilical cord with his hands before wrapping the baby in a blanket and sprinting inside. The neighbors followed with the mom still on the sled. Esquire revisits the remarkable story.

An Oral History of the Baby Delivered on a Sled

Esquire.com, 1.24.14