CBGB: The 70’s Home for NYC’s Dirty Rockers

CBGB is a club with a worldwide reputation, but it started out as a tiny, dirty hole in the wall furnished entirely in wood. It opened in 1973 and quickly became a favorite destination for the artsy weirdos and outcasts of New York City. Although known as a punk club, and birthplace of The Ramones, it housed a diverse mix of mix, including Patti Smith’s art rock and later the Talking Heads new wave stylings. The most commercially succcessful band was Blondie, fronted by the iconic Debbie Harry. Cuepoint put together a wonderful history of the club with numerous high-res images and a link to a CBGB-inspired music playlist.

Our Hole in the Wall: An Oral History of the CBGB Scene

Medium.com, 2.12.15



The Birth of NYC Punk Rock

Cuepoint provides fascinating excerpts from New York Rock, a book about the punk rock/counterculture explosion in 70’s New York City. Included are anecdotes from Joey Ramone, Lester Bangs, and Glenn Danzig about the origins and oddballs as well as legendary venues such as CBGB, the Paladium, and the Lone Star.

New York Rock: The Birth of Punk, an Oral History

Medium.com, 10.11.16