Chicago’s Dance Mania Label Ushers in Ghetto House Music

The Dance Mania label grew organically out of a record store distribution and retail operation, building off local DJs who couldn’t keep up with demand as ghetto house exploded in the late 80s. The old house heads didn’t approve because the new stuff was gloriously obscene, but the kids loved it and would buy any new release just because of the Dance Mania reputation. After ceasing operations in 2001, the label relaunched in 2013 due to ongoing demand and the booming EDM scene. FACT takes a look back at Chicago’s beloved homegrown label.

“No one was doing the type of music we were doing”: An oral history of Dance Mania, 3.4.14

Dubstep’s Uniquely Long Reign

Dubstep arose out of the ashes of garage and jungle in London around the turn of the century. Still going strong in many clubs around the world, it has enjoyed a uniquely long reign in a genre where subgenres come and go in a flash. What is dubstep? Frenetically paced bass-driven dance beats with liberal overdubbing. Vice chronicles the rise of dubstep out of working-class Croydon, a London suburb.

The VICE Oral History of Dubstep, 6.23.15