Chris Berman Makes Sports Fun Again

ESPN changed television in the last couple decades of the 20th century. An all-sports network? No way that’ll work! Leading the charge was the affable Chris Berman, who changed sports highlights with his nicknames, sound effects, and infectious enthusiasm. Yes, his act wore thin in later years, but he’s an absolute titan of sports media, and Sports Illustrated sends him off into retirement with a fond look back.

Chris Berman: ‘The Vin Scully of the NFL’, 1.10.17

The 2003 World Series of Poker, Chris Moneymaker, and the Poker Boom

Chris Moneymaker was an amateur poker player who spent $39 to get into the 2003 WSOP and took home $2.5M. ESPN televised the event and was shocked at the ratings. It was the perfect underdog story at the perfect time for a culture getting back into cards. Practically within months poker was everywhere on TV and poker sites like blew up. Grantland goes back in time to relive Moneymaker’s unbelievable story and the worldwide impact.

When We Held Kings, 5.22.13