How One Guild took “World of Warcraft” Gaming to the Next Level

World of Warcraft was a not just a gaming phenomenon, but a pop-culture one, bringing thousands of thousands into the MMO gaming world. One particularly data-focused guild, the Elitist Jerks (a splinter group from the notorious Goon Squad), pioneered “theorycrafting,” an attempt to get “under the hood” of WoW and, by understanding the mathematical underpinnings, become better at the game. Their successful investigations brought frustrated gamers to their site in droves, and also led to job opportunities in gaming. The guild leader (Ion Hazzikostas) even became WoW‘s game director. Waypoint gathers the crew to discuss the rise and fall of one of gaming’s most interesting guilds.

An Oral History of Azeroth’s Most Influential Guild, 12.4.16

The Successful Guerilla Marketing Behind “Frog Fractions 2”

The first Frog Fractions came out in 2012 and was a darling of the game development community due to its subversive humor and satirical take on “edutainment” games. The sequel released at the end of 2016 after an unprecedentedly complicated launch requiring fans to piece together clues from the web and over 20 other independent games.

The jig is up: Behind the years-long reveal of Frog Fractions 2, 12.26.16