“Ultimate Breaks & Beats”: Foundational Funky Samples

Ultimate Breaks & Beats is a series of 25 vinyl albums launched in 1986 that has since been endlessly mined for funky samples by the varied likes of Kanye, Bowie, Skrillex, Mariah Carey and Public Enemy. Cuepoint has put together a remarkable profile not just of UBB’s wide-ranging influence (with audio evidence) but also the history of sampling itself.

Ultimate Breaks & Beats: An Oral History

Medium.com, 5.13.15


“Phat Beach”: The Gold Standard for Hip-Hop Beach Movies

Producer Cleveland O’Neal approached film school student Doug Elfin (Entourage) about a movie Elflin originally thought was called Fat Bitch. Once Elfin figured out what was happening, he revised the script with O’Neal and directed the low-budget independent film about some broke boys at the beach, looking for love, and hilariously winning a beach volleyball competition on a whim. Its playful street vibe won over viewers of a certain age and can still be found in early morning showings on basic cable. Complex looks back.

The Oral History of ‘Phat Beach’

Complex.com, 8.3.16

The Rebirth of the Electric Lady Studio

New York’s Electric Lady Studio became famous in late 60s and early 70s as it hosted luminaries like Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, and Stevie Wonder. Its fortunes sagged until the turn of the millennium when hip-hop legends Questlove, D’Angelo, Common, and Erykah Badu (among others) poured their heart and soul into revitalizing the place while also creating some of the era’s defining music.

The Soulquarians at Electric Lady: An Oral History

RedBullMusicAcademyDaily.com, 6.1.15