Hurricane Katrina: The Governmental Response

Government Executive revisits various local, regional and national agencies response to the much-feared and ultimately catastrophic direct hit by a major hurricane on New Orleans and the surrounding low-lying Gulf Coast. Many of these agencies had participated in a large-scale simulation of this potential event just the year before (known as Hurricane Pam). The results were not encouraging and as Katrina strengthened in the Gulf of Mexico at the end of August, 2005, the same issues started to arise (lack of coordination, communication, leadership) and the outcome was as bad as feared, only this time the 2,000+ lives lost were real. The response was not universally bad, however, as numerous individuals and units responded heroically in the face of disaster, saving countless lives in the process.

Katrina 10: An Oral History, 8.19.15


Hurricane Katrina, the New Orleans Saints, and the Superdome

The battered Louisiana Superdome became one of the iconic images of Hurricane Katrina, and the dire stories of its time as a “last-ditch” shelter were harrowing. It would close for two years and some wondered whether the Saints would ever return to the decimated city. However, the Saints were part of the fabric of the city like few other institutions, and when they returned it was one of the great moments in American sports history. Sports Illustrated provides an engrossing oral history of a team helping heal its city.

Ten years since Katrina: Oral history of the Saints and their Superdome, 8.27.15