Lumascape: Making Order Out of Chaos

Terence Kawaja introduced Lumascape, a one-page graphical representation of the online advertising industry, in 2010. At that time things were nutso. Google’s AdWords was taking over the world, and the industry was growing, evolving, and consolidating all at the same time. His industry landscape became a sensation in that it helped provide definition to the players and their roles. Plus, he used their logos, which made everyone happy. Digiday takes a look back at one of the most famous PowerPoint slides of all time.

‘I just wanted to organize this mess’: An oral history of the Lumascape, 9.12.17

“Do the Dew” Ad Campaign Changed the Brand (and the World)

Before the “Do the Dew” campaign began in 1992 Mountain Dew was primarily known as a country boy drink, but the in-your-face branding campaign dramatically changed that, pushing Mountain Dew into a pioneering role in sponsoring extreme sports (such as the nascent X-Games). The role continued to mushroom as they began the Dew Tour, released the snowboarding documentary First Descent in 700 theaters nationwide, and opened the Dew Underground television studio. Here is the behind-the-scenes story of one of the most successful sports branding campaigns in history.

How they Dew it, 2.25.13

The Successful Guerilla Marketing Behind “Frog Fractions 2”

The first Frog Fractions came out in 2012 and was a darling of the game development community due to its subversive humor and satirical take on “edutainment” games. The sequel released at the end of 2016 after an unprecedentedly complicated launch requiring fans to piece together clues from the web and over 20 other independent games.

The jig is up: Behind the years-long reveal of Frog Fractions 2, 12.26.16