Lilith Fair

As strange as it may seem today in the early 90s promoters didn’t want multiple female acts on a single bill, convinced that it wouldn’t sell. The strong-willed (and successful) Sarah McLachlan decided she’d had enough of male-dominated festivals and tours, so she founded her own festival, Lilith Fair, and its record-breaking success changed the music industry forever. Some artists said immediately said yes, including Paula Cole, Lisa Loeb and Emmylou Harris, but others passed on the first year before reconsidering in later years. McLachlan took some heat for an over-representation of white artists, but successfully rectified that issue after the festival established its financial foothold. Lilith Fair was very 1990s phenomenon as female artists pushed boundaries in every direction and Glamour takes a nostalgic (and gorgeous) look back.

The Oral History of Lilith Fair, As Told By the Women Who Lived It, 7.5.17

The Honk! Street Music Festival Goes Global

Street-music festivals, where fun-loving bands jam amongst the people, have exploded in popularity in recent years, and alot of it has to do with the The Honk! Festival of Activist Street Bands in Boston. One part New Orleans second line, one part hippie jam fest, one part street party, the concept looks good on paper! The first festival succeeded spectacularly in 2006 and has since spread like wildfire to Austin, Seattle, Rio, Detroit, NYC, and Australia. WBUR in Boston details the origins.

An Oral History: How The Honk Music Fest Began Here And Spread Around The World, 10.11.14