The Detroit Riots of 1967

159 race riots erupted across America in 1967 with the worst happening in Newark and Detroit. The Detroit riots, sparked by a police raid of an after-hours welcome-home party for a Vietnam vet, led to 40 deaths and two-thousand-plus injuries, hundreds of properties going up in smoke, as well as the National Guard being called in to restore order. There were many root causes of the Detroit riots, including systemic racism and the steady decline of economic opportunities that drew many blacks to the city in the first place. The Metro Times, Detroit’s counterculture weekly, provides an evocative evaluation of the riot and what led to it. There are numerous high-quality images. The account is not balanced, however, focused entirely on the remembrances of black and white radicals of the time.

A radical’s oral history of Detroit in 1967, 7.19.17


The Invaluable Police Shootings Database Created by “The Washington Post”

Police shootings have been one of America’s focal points in recent years and many have decried the lack of information and transparency from law enforcement agencies. The Washington Post decided to do something about it and created the first national police shootings database. Frustratingly, the numbers reveal important truths that should not have been obscured or hidden in a democracy: 1) More than double the annual police shootings reported by the FBI. 2) Nearly a quarter of victims were suffering a mental health crisis. 3) Unarmed black men were seven times more likely to die in a police shooting than white men. This is the oral history of important journalism being done.

Inside the Washington Post’s police shootings database: An oral history, 12.16.15