“The Dana Carvey Show”: Well, They Hired a Hell of a Staff!

Dana Carvey left Saturday Night Live in 1993 as one of the best-known comedians in America. Besides innumerable memorable characters on SNL, he had starred in Wayne’s World (1992) to prove himself in Hollywood. When he started shopping a variety comedy show he had his pick of networks, finally settling on ABC just before they were bought by Disney. Slotted behind ratings juggernaut Home Improvement it seemed like The Dana Carvey Show was destined for greatness. Not so much. Esoteric, weird humor did not interest the Home Improvement crowd (or Disney) and it would only last eight episodes. However, the show did hire an impressive array of unknown talent that would go on to great things, including performers Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert as well as writers Jon Glaser, Robert Carlock, and Dino Stamatopoulos. This GQ piece is an interesting autopsy of a crushing failure by some of the most talented comedic talent in America.

Teats Out: An Oral History of the Rise and Fall (and Rise) of “The Dana Carvey Show”

GQ.com, 8.8.11