Bonnaroo’s Comedy Tent Just Goes With The Flow, Man

Bonnaroo wanted to expand its festival experience so in 2004 it added a comedy tent, a showcase that has gone on to host many of the top names in comedy, including Louis C.K., Steven Wright, Aziz Ansari, and David Cross. The digs are somewhat less than swanky (no running water), but many of the stars treat it like going to camp, or a paid vacation, where they see their comedy brethren and some good music. The A.V. Club gathers a bunch of interesting and funny anecdotes, plus some good video clips, in this oral history.

Deadnecks and sound checks: An oral history of Bonnaroo’s comedy tent, 6.8.17


The “Hangover” Movies

The first Hangover movie upended popular culture on the way to grossing $467.5M and helped make stars of Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Ken Jeong, and director Todd Phillips. The bachelor party comedy told as a mystery format allowed for some drama and pathos amidst the debauchery. The second and third films were successful financially but were not on the same level as the original. The Hollywood Reporter gathers the gang for some predictably awesome anecdotes.

The Uncensored Oral History of ‘The Hangover’, 5.1.13